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Vacuum Attachments Part 2: Advanced Tools


In Part 1 of this series, we have talked about four attachments that we usually find in all vacuum cleaners. They have become an essential part of those machines, providing important capabilities in addition to the core vacuuming function. But the list doesn't end here. A lot of vacuum manufacturers have come up with some interesting, some even unique, ideas for their top vacuum cleaners. Check them out now, and you may find the exact tool you're looking for.


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Fan Blade Duster


Attach a fan blade duster into the extension wand of your vacuum, and you can reach and dust off each fan blade with ease. Start from the middle, then go towards the end of the blades. The microfiber cloth will sweep the top while the broom head does the same thing at the bottom. All the debris and dust will be sucked into the vacuum thanks to the bristles on the duster. This attachment can also be used to get rid of cobwebs in corners in the same way.




Floor Sweeper


This tool vacuums tile and wood floors in overlapping rows with soft bristles combined with the suction power. This mechanism proves to be more useful in picking up dust than what a broom and a dustpan can do. There are also some creative uses with a floor sweeper. For example, you can vacuum low-pile carpets with it, which can prevent the fibers from getting sucked into your vacuum.


Radiator Brush


If you own a vacuum from one of the best vacuum cleaner brands Forum like Miele, you may have already known about this stiff-bristle tool. You can fit it over the crevice tool and wedge them together between the fins of your radiator. Since the tool is so thin, it allows for more effective and faster cleaning than doing so without it, which is usually dislodging the debris with a brush and then sucking it up with the dusting tool.


You can also run it over your vent slats and refrigerator coils. The stiff bristles will remove even the most stubborn buildup.


Multi-Angle Brush


This soft-bristled attachment consists of a pivoting head and a curved hose, helping users get into tight nooks like sliding closet or window tracks, car-door compartments, and light fixtures. Capturing grime on baseboards or blinds is also possible with this tool.


Car-Cleaning Nozzle


If you have a wet-dry vacuum, hook up this wedge-shaped attachment to your machine's hose to clean the carpeted mats of your car. The tool provides targeted suction, making it more effective in grabbing every kind of debris, like animal crackers or sand, in your car.


Many people have also had some success with the car-cleaning nozzle on their patio furniture. It gives them a more precise suction than regular hoses, and as a result, a cleaner surface.




Power Brush


With a rotating brush roll, this mini-motorized tool is extremely useful for carpeted stairs, where it can suck up dust quickly. It also works great in tight spaces like small closets.


Mattress Refresher


You can move this small tool in short strokes over your mattress to pick up allergens, dirt, and lint. It's also useful for furniture like daybeds and sofas.




Not every attachment above is available for all vacuum models in the market. In fact, at the moment, you can still expect Forum top 10 vacuum cleaners to make and sell them with their vacuums. But now you know that they exist and find one of them useful for your cleaning needs, you can try to look for a vacuum that comes as your next purchase.

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