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Are You Looking for the Best Mop for Vinyl Floors?


If you just installed brand new vinyl floors, the most important thing to do next is to assemble your cleaning kit. For vinyl floorings to last for a long time, they must be given proper maintenance using the right tools.


In this list, we have here some of the Forum best mops for vinyl floors on the market. Pick the one that fits your preferences and your budget range the best!


MEXERRIS Microfiber Spray Mop for Floor Cleaning




If it’s a spray mop that you’re looking for, one of our top recommendations is the MEXERRIS spray mop. It’s received positive feedback from customers and is on many top selling charts. When we tested the mop out for ourselves, it’s not surprising that it did.


The mop performs very well on vinyl floors. We were able to scrub out dirt and debris using the microfiber mopping pad without scratching or damaging the floor. Additionally, the on-board water tank applies only a thin layer of moisture on the floor without soaking it. Thus, it’s able to protect the floor from water damages.


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Speaking of the water tank, we really like the high-capacity design of this mop. The tank measures 410 ml of liquid. A trigger at the top of the handle can be pulled to work the sprayer near the cleaning head. Squeeze the trigger and the sprayer will shoot out the liquid onto the floor.


The user can maneuver the mop using an aluminum handle, which feels very sturdy in the hand.


Inside the box, you will find several pieces of reusable microfiber mopping pads. According to the company, these pads can be reused up to 100 times before they need to be replaced. They can be hand-washed as well as machine-washed.


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Bona Premium Microfiber Floor Mop




If you need an affordable, simple floor mop that does the job, try the Bona Premium floor mop. It costs less than $20 and can be used for years before you have to replace it.


The design is as simple as can be, as expected. It has a telescopic handle made from aluminum. You can adjust the length of the handle to fit your height and body posture for maximum comfort. The handle is connected to an “extra-large” mopping head that, according to Bona, is 40% larger than competitors. Thanks to the larger mopping head, you will be able to clean the floor more efficiently.


In the box, you will find a microfiber mopping pad. The mopping pad is safe for use on vinyl floors. We have tested it on our own vinyl floors and detected no damage afterward.


Aside from the standard microfiber cleaning pad, you will also find a microfiber dusting pad. The pad has longer, larger fibers to agitate stains and stubborn debris on the floor. Despite being more abrasive than the usual microfiber mopping pad, we found that this type is still gentle enough that they don’t cause damage to the floor.




These are two of the best mops for vinyl floors Forum that we’ve got in our database. Considering their pricing and their quality, we think that these two alone can meet the demands of many people. But if you’re looking for more options, we have several more reviews of the top vinyl floor mops that you can check out. Just browse through our page!

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